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Flooring inBrighton.

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When searching for flooring in Brighton, Suburban Flooring Co is the obvious choice. We’ve helped many builders, renovators, designers, architects, and businesses achieve that perfect look with elegant, timeless timber floors. Our goal, when dealing with our valued customers is simply to inform and let the customer make the final decision.

Flooring is the foundation of any home. Choosing the flooring is a decision that will remain for many years. It is important to take many factors into consideration such as future design trends, sunlight, traffic on the floor and decor. We’re here to help you and inform you to make the best possible decision, taking all these factors into account.

Timber Flooring is the Sustainable Choice for Brighton

Brighton homes and businesses are opting for timber flooring because it’s a truly sustainable and renewable option — which is not a positive benefit a lot of other flooring options can boast about. Timber is one of very few, versatile, renewable source materials that can be used for flooring. Suburban Flooring Co has gone the extra mile to limit the environmental impact of our planet by using sustainable products. By choosing materials that support sustainability, we’re happy to be doing our part for the environment and the future of our children.

Why is Brighton Choosing Timber Flooring?

The timber flooring products we carry are renewable, strong, versatile, and easy to clean. An elegant timber floor is the perfect way to bring about an ambience of elegance and luxury to any home or business. Timber floors have exceptional acoustic properties. They give off much less echo than other flooring options with no vibrations or hollow sounds.

Benefits of Timber Flooring

Timber floors are very easy to maintain when compared to other options. A simple spill can very easily permanently damage a carpet. However, with timber flooring a spill can be quickly wiped up, without so much as a second thought. Timber floors are also the healthier option. They don’t hold animal dander, dust or dirt like carpet does. When it comes to easy to clean, fresh, healthy flooring, timber floors are the best choice.

Where to Buy Timber Flooring Near Brighton? 

Timber flooring is an extraordinarily popular option for Brighton. However, it’s important to note that there are many timber flooring products on the market. Be careful of inferior products on the market. Suburban Flooring Co invites you to have a chat or visit our showroom so that we can lend our wealth of knowledge to your project.

Our Highett Showroom is Minutes from Brighton

We’re here to share our wealth of experience in the flooring industry. We want to make your interior design dreams come true. We know that flooring is an important, long-term investment. So, we built our showroom to inform our customers — not to sell the floor we want to sell. We have fantastic reviews, left by our valuable customers, who demonstrate that when it comes to timber flooring around Brighton, Suburban Flooring Co is the obvious choice. Our primary motivation is to make sure our customers leave our showroom with the best possible information that will help them to create a truly timeless and inspirational floor; not just to sell a floor.

Start Your Flooring Project Today.

Get in touch with our flooring experts to discuss your next timber flooring project. Whether you know what you want or have no idea what you want, our team are ready. We’re here to help you build your dream home.