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Benefits of timber flooring

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By Suburban Flooring 28 Dec 2022

Timber flooring can provide a stunning and timeless solution for your home. Its popularity throughout history, spanning across the globe ensures it won’t date and the versatility of colours, parquetry and finishes means timber flooring can work for almost any home.

In this post we’re going to discuss:
  • Are timber floors good?
  • Does timber flooring warm your home?
  • Is timber flooring efficient?
  • Should all wood floors run in the same direction?
  • How long does timber flooring last?
  • Is Timber flooring good in winter?
  • Is timber flooring colder than carpet?
  • Is Timber flooring warmer than tiles?
By the end, you’ll be clear on the benefits of timber flooring and if it’s a solution that you want for your home.

At Suburban Flooring Co. we specialise in engineered timber flooring, so for the purposes of this post, we’re going to focus solely on the benefits of Engineered timber.

So, let’s dive in…

Are Timber Floors Good?

Engineered timber floors are comprised of three or more layers of real wood with the top layer being a veneer of hardwood. This process makes them less sensitive to contracting and expanding. We have a thorough break down on the difference between engineered timber and solid timber here, if you’re interested in reading more.

Not only that but engineered timber:

  • Can be installed on top of an existing sub-floor of both timber or concrete
  • It’s cheaper than solid wood flooring
  • It’s more sustainable
  • It’s quick to install
  • It’s less prone to swelling or warping
  • It looks like solid timber

So, engineered timber floorings can create an incredible visual appearance for your home. But if that’s not enough let’s explore some other areas where timber floors really excel…

Does Timber Flooring Warm Your Home

Yes, both visually and physically.

Because engineered timber flooring is typically laid over a concrete or wooden sub-floor, it adds additional insulation which increases the warmth of your home.

When combined with good heating, your home is going to feel warm and cosy during the winter months.
That moves us onto our next question…

Is Timber Flooring Energy Efficient?

Very much so.

Engineered timber flooring helps to insulate your home, as we have mentioned above. But it’s also sustainable. The manufacturing process of timber requires less energy than other building materials and it’s lighter than something like concrete, meaning the energy demands from transportation are reduced.
Wood is also a renewable resource, so engineered timber flooring is better for your energy bills and better for the planet.

Should All Wood Floors Run the Same Direction?

We have written about this very recently in our post breaking down timber flooring patterns.

Timber flooring should run in the same direction throughout your home. To opt for some rooms to be in a different direction can make a home feel chaotic and messy.

We would strongly recommend you direct all your wood floors in the same direction.

How Long Does Timber Flooring Last?

Engineered timber flooring can last for decades when cared for and maintained properly.

What’s great about engineered timber is that when scratches or light damage appear, the individual boards can be repaired or even replaced if needed. Following the correct cleaning and maintenance recommendations from your floors manufacturer can extend your floors life, meaning it can last decades.

Is Timber Flooring Good in Winter?

As above, engineered timber flooring insulates a home and increases the energy efficiency of a property. That means they’ll help keep your property warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

As you can pair it with sub-floor heating, you can take it to the next level and create a very warm environment that’s protected from any cold currents running under your property. Sub-floor heating must comply with the temperature requirements of the flooring manufacturers recommendations and conditions.

Is Timber Flooring Colder than Carpet?

Yes. Unfortunately, timber flooring can’t compete with carpet when it comes to warmth. It can insulate from the cold, but it can’t retain heat like carpet can.

Is Timber Flooring Warmer than Tiles?

Timber flooring:

  • Is quieter underfoot
  • Is softer underfoot
  • Has a warmer aesthetic
  • Retains heat
  • Insulates from the cold
For these reasons, engineered timber flooring can be both visually and physically warmer than tiles.

So, by now you should be clear on the benefits of timber flooring and how it will apply to your lifestyle.

If you need more help understanding the benefits of timber flooring and whether it’s right for your property, then speak to a flooring expert. Our experts can help you lay the perfect floor for your dream home, from planning, to implementation, to maintenance.

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