The floor of your home is the foundation of your interior style.

Designing a Quick-Step floor is a process in which technology and creativity go hand in hand. The designers create a very wide variety of floors, each with its own natural character.That’s why we work down to the smallest details, so that you can choose from an unparalleled range of designs.

Today consumers have many options when it comes to laminate flooring. These products are constructed for durability and come in a wide array of high-end styles that capture the feel and look of real wood.

Majestic Laminate


Quick-Step Majestic brings you the longest, widest, and most luxurious floors in the Quick-Step collection. Thanks to their extra-large format, natural look and unique water-resistant technology, they are the perfect choice to create a truly majestic interior.

  • Scratch Guard technology
  • Waterproof surface technology: HydroSeal
  • An eco-friendly choice
  • Floor Heating: Compatible with floor heating
  • Warranty: 25 years warranty
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Dimensions 2050 x 240 x 9.5mm
Floor Heating Compatible with floor heating
Waterproof surface technology HydroSeal
Warranty 25 years

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