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DIY or Hire a Pro? Installing Your Dream Engineered Timber Floor.

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By Suburban Flooring Co. 6 Jun 2024

Engineered timber flooring offers a beautiful and durable option for your home. But when it comes to installation, a crucial decision arises: should you tackle it yourself or hire a professional? Both approaches have their merits, and the best choice depends on your skillset, budget, and desired outcome.

The DIY Route: Savings and Satisfaction

For the handy homeowner, the allure of DIY installation is undeniable. The biggest advantage? Some cost savings. Flooring installation can represent a significant portion of your projects total cost. Taking on the task yourself eliminates labour charges, potentially saving you money.

There’s also the satisfaction of completing a challenging project yourself. The sense of accomplishment from installing your own floor is a reward in itself. Plus, you have complete control over the schedule. You can work at your own pace, fitting the project around your existing commitments.

The Tools and Skills for DIY Success

Before diving in, be honest about your DIY experience. Engineered timber flooring, while often featuring click-lock or tongue and groove systems, still requires precision and specific tools. You’ll need a mitre saw for cutting planks, a hammer or mallet for tapping them into place, and a floor puller for removing existing flooring (if applicable). A knee pad will save your comfort during long stretches of kneeling.

Essential skills include the ability to follow detailed instructions, measure accurately, and work meticulously. Patience is key, as mistakes with engineered timber can be expensive to fix. Practice cutting scrap pieces before diving into the actual floor.

Potential Challenges for DIYers

Even the most enthusiastic DIYer can encounter hurdles. Uneven subfloors can lead to creaking and gaps in the finished product. Leveling a subfloor is a demanding task that often requires professional assistance. Cutting around obstacles like pipes and doorways can also be tricky, and mistakes can be costly. Complex layouts with intricate patterns may be beyond a beginner’s skillset.

The Value of a Professional Installer

Hiring a professional flooring installer brings a wealth of benefits. Experience is paramount. Professionals have installed countless floors, encountering and solving every problem imaginable. Their efficiency ensures the project is completed quickly and minimises disruption to your daily life.

Quality is another advantage. Professionals know how to achieve a flawless installation, ensuring a beautiful and long-lasting floor. Many installers offer warranties on their work, providing peace of mind in case of any future issues. They also know how to correctly use the appropriate underlay, flooring adhesive, and other materials, saving you time and hassle.

Professional installers can also prep and level your subfloor correctly before laying your engineered timber flooring product. All flooring manufacturers provide guidelines on subfloor level variations, and their products are manufactured to tolerate a certain variation in your subfloor. Professional installers ensure your subfloor is levelled to within tolerance of your flooring product, which is also required by the manufacturer for product warranty purposes.

Pros and Cons: Weighing Your Options

DIY Installation

  • Pros: Potential cost savings, sense of accomplishment, control over schedule
  • Cons: Requires specific tools and skills, potential for mistakes, time-consuming, unsuitable for uneven subfloors or complex layouts, flooring product warranty may be voided if installed incorrectly or outside of the manufacturers subfloor guidelines.

Professional Installation

  • Pros: Guaranteed quality, efficiency, experience, warranty on work, ensures correct use of other materials and accessories.
  • Cons: Additional installation cost to overall flooring project.

The Final Decision

Ultimately, the best choice depends on your individual circumstances. If you’re a confident DIYer with the time and necessary skills, tackling the project yourself can be a rewarding experience. However, if you prioritise a flawless finish, speed, and peace of mind, hiring a professional installer is a sound investment.

No matter which path you choose, careful research is key. Research different engineered timber flooring options and consult with flooring professionals for quotes and advice. With the right approach, your new engineered timber floor can become a beautiful and lasting addition to your home.

If you’re currently searching for your dream floor, reach out and speak with one of our experts today!

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